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Our treatment program is approximately eight months long. However, this can be extended for negative behavior; as well as, accelerated for kids who will age-out before the eight month time period. Each child’s needs are assessed on an individual basis and the program is catered to accomplishing the maximum benefit for them. 


Should you choose to send your child to our Program; know that they will be taken in as a part of our ACH family. We strive to treat each child like we would our own; as well as, teach them life skills as we would our own. Our sole purpose is to make a lasting positive impact on every child we serve – whether by helping them in therapy, teaching them social skills, being role models they can look to, and helping them realize that they can have a life of good destiny if they so choose. Children are ‘becoming’ something; with every decision they make (good or bad) – they are becoming something. Our question to each child is: “What are you becoming?” We then try to be proactive in changing the patterns of a negative lifestyle and getting them invested into having a successful future – understanding that a successful future will look different for every kid we serve. 


ACH is not a locked down facility, therefore, we do encounter the occasional AWOL. All of our staff are equipped with the knowledge of our AWOL policies and procedures in order to get kids back to our facility in a safe and efficient manner. We also utilize the help of our local law enforcement when this occurs. 


We also have an onsite Knox County public school, Knox Appalachian School. All residents are required to attend KAS daily. Our school is considered an alternative school setting. Our residents have the technology to catch up if they are behind in credits using the school’s self- paced program. We have four (4) certified teachers, one (1) certified special education teacher, and one (1) instructional assistant. Moreover, with our class sizes being small, your child can get more one-on-one help. Parents/guardians can direct any questions or comments about the school directly to ACH and/or to the Knox County Board of Education located in Barbourville, Kentucky. 


Our residential treatment program is made up of a five-phase system. Each time a child moves up in phase; more privileges come along with it. Kids are celebrated when they move up in phase as this can be a lot of hard work on their part. Our counselors and direct care staff use a lot of Behavior Modification, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-focused models, and various other therapies to hopefully create a lasting positive change in each child’s life. We also strive to keep our children from being sent out to any psychiatric hospitals and we have plans in place to keep this from happening. However, if a child is in crisis and becomes a harm to themselves or others we generally use the Trillium Center at Baptist Regional Medical Center in Corbin, KY as it is our local psychiatric hospital. From day one when a child comes into our Program, the focus is discharging successfully. 


Treatment at ACH: 

ACH has:

    Three (3) Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors 

Three (3) Certified Juvenile Sexual Offender Counselors 

Three (3) Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors 

One (1) Licensed Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor 

One (1) Licensed Psychological Associate 

Five (5) Case Managers 

· Kids who come into our Program usually have several mental health diagnoses – it is our job to evaluate which of these is the true issue and work from there. 

· Psychotropic medications are also an issue – at times we get kids who are over or under medicated and we work with local psychiatrists to regulate these issues. 

· Every child in the care of ACH has individual therapy, group therapy, substance abuse therapy (if appropriate) through our onsite AODE program - Appalachian Outreach, sexual offender therapy (if appropriate), and family therapy weekly. We also offer psychological testing if needed. 

· We currently hold a license in Emergency Shelter, Residential Treatment Facility, AODE, BHSO, and Foster Care. 


As a facility, we feel that it is very helpful to introduce children to different experiences that they normally never would have. We do this by taking trips to different restaurants (from fast food to 5 Star), going to see things of culture and history such as plays, musicals, art, and monuments, sporting events, and amusement parks which are always a big hit! In doing these different things, our kids are learning appropriate social skills and invaluable life exposure. It is such a joy to see the world through the eyes of our kiddos! 


Lastly, you should know that if you are placing with us – we will be delighted to help you with any issues that you may face such as transportation. Also, the consents for treatment you will need are attached to this website.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 606.546.3805 or email us at:                            


Holly Taylor-Williams, Treatment Director - 

Jeff Mills, Director of Case Management - 



Thank you so much for all you do to help the children of Kentucky!!

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